Interview invitation

Hello teacher working in basic education!

What changes have you encountered in your work as a teacher? What kind of work environment is today’s school? How do the relationships in a teacher’s work look to you? In the RELA project, we are interested in the changes in teachers’ work and the significance of these changes for the different relationships of the work in Finnish basic education. The project, funded by the Academy of Finland, will be implemented at the University of Oulu in 2020-2024. The research material is collected by interviewing teachers.

We invite you to participate in the research and share your experiences of the changing working conditions and diverse relationships of teachers’ work. Your experiences and knowledge are paramount to the perception of teachers’ changing work and to the development of teacher education. By participating, you play a key role in creating an understanding of today’s teachers’ work.

There is no need to prepare for interviews; just being yourself is enough. Researchers will protect confidentiality and the names or jobs of the interviewees do not come up at any stage of the research process. The interviews are narrative and conversational.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. When you want to join the research, please contact us. The interview can also be conducted remotely.

On behalf of the project,

Anniina Holappa Research Assistant for the RELA project, tel. 0505639655

For more information, please contact Minna Uitto, Principal Investigator;