Valuable presentations in the Teachers, Teaching and Educational Communities Symposium

Teachers, teaching and educational communities (TTEC) arranged its annual symposium virtually. The topic for this year were research and research results regarding teachers, teaching, educational communities and teacher education. The virtual nature of the symposium made it possible for people to follow the presentations, whether it be from their workplaces or remote workstations from around the world.

RELA -project was presented in the symposium. RELA challenges the views of teacher’s work’s relations and it charts the changes of teacher’s work nowadays. Discussion was created of the importance to listen to the experiences of teachers and also of the teacher’s relations amidst changes and action.

Teacher education has changed when it comes to interaction, teaching and learning. Digitalization and remote teaching are topical issues in teacher education and important when it comes to the research of teacher education. The structures and resources of teacher education influence professional development and also the interactive relationship between instructive teacher and the student when developing into a professional.

There was also arisen the important topic which handled equality, responsibility and love towards children. Inequality and bullying are still problems. Teacher’s ability to recognize the sub-areas needed for supporting a student, require understanding and tools.

Text: RELA trainees Antti Salminen and Saana-Lotta Korkala