Current status of the project

Over the past year, we have had a possibility to interview school teachers for our research material. The interview material has now been compiled and we have started analyzing the material. Work on the analysis will continue next year. Interesting themes that have emerged from the material have been, for example, the student-teacher relationships, the hectic nature of the teacher’s work and how multidimensional it is today.

We have done a lot of preliminary work and planning for gathering the next research material, but like many other projects, we have had to be flexible in our plans because of the corona pandemic. We hope to be able to implement our plans next year.

Many thanks to Unna and Marita, trainees who were in the RELA project and whose training ended in early December. Good luck with your master’s theses!

Holiday wishes,

Minna, Sonja, Virve and Anniina