What NAVI-project is about?

Teachers’ work has recently been marked by a multitude of changes, including those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes have also greatly affected relationships in educational contexts. During teacher education, pre-service teachers form their understandings of the teaching profession. The changes to teachers’ work, therefore, demand exploration of how pre-service teachers make sense of the changes and the relationality within. The research project ‘Pre-service Teachers Navigate Teachers’ Changing Work and Its Relationality’ (NAVI) will focus on this exploration by obtaining various narrative sources of data from pre- service primary school and subject teachers. The project will occur at the University of Oulu (2022–2025). The profound theoretical understanding of relationality in teachers’ work gained by this project will be utilised to support pre- and in-service teachers’ continuous professional development. NAVI-project is executed in close collaboration with the research project ‘Unpacking and Redefining Changing Relationships in Teachers’ Work’ (RELA) funded by the Academy of Finland.

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